Fulcrum Racing 7 LG CAMPY

36 785 Ft‎

-11 790 Ft‎

48 575 Ft‎

Racing 7 wheels are an entry-level race is ready soul. Fulcrum® same quality and performance as the rest of the line has advanced features such as an oversized rim and spoke dynamic balance technology.

Fulcrum® engineers have pushed the asymmetric rear wheel rim with the quality even further to increase in terms of performance in the lateral and torsional stiffness, and reactivity. New technological developments are added without compromising the weight loss of 7 Racing almost 90 grams lighter than its predecessor. With greater performance with less weight enables excellent choice for your next ride. The new rim is wider than before, 17C


     Tyre Type: flange,
     tire width: 25 mm and 32 mm,
     weight 1763 g,
     Wheel material: Aluminum,
     Rim material: Aluminum,
     profile height: low

Mass1763 g

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