Pinarello Dogma F8W

2 343 307 Ft‎

Here is the eighth wonder!
The eighth generation of dogma creates a play of words to become a perfect advertising slogan: The eighth Dogma ... the eighth wonder of the world.


Over the past two years, the dogma of 65.1 was the best bike on the planet, winning the Tour de France twice in the World Cup, and over 100 Pro Tour tournament.

The Dogma 65.1 was a best seller without precedent Pinarello and generally recognized benchmark for high-end world-Road Bikes.

Starting from these premises, you can imagine how difficult it was to improve the cult bike.

Pinarello LAB, Team Sky and Jaguar has set up a working group where everyone brought a decisive contribution.

Team Sky on the feedback from the athletes, the Jaguar aerodynamics applies CFD and wind tunnel testing, Pinarello LAB bike parts, structural analysis and design. This synergy light Dogma F8.

"Dogma F8 worth another significant numerical data, but more importantly, claims a unique driving sensation, which made the previous Pinarello Dogma bicycles unbeatable. Anyone who rides the new F8 dogma immediately sense the extraordinary work done by the team, which is a state of the art and aerodynamic bike without losing the distinctive dogma. a strong and responsive bike for the track "

Fausto Pinarello

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