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Our policies and help for the page

1. General Information

surf our web store you want, and get to know our products and prices without revealing his identity; information about the details without registration compulsory.


The store is located on the opening page of the "Product Search" field, next to an arrow. In the text box and enter the name or description of any word to search for products or word portion. After pressing the arrow button on the search result, all the products will appear that the specified word or name or description in detail. In the near future expansion of our product range is also added to the Advanced Search option.

In our online store you can buy everyone who owns and agree to these terms, conditions, and bound it being mandatory as a valid registration. on the Bike Express online ordering in our shop customers agree to accept these terms, conditions, and you are aware of the ordering process.

2. Registration

To be able to buy it in our store, you must first register Register menu located at the top of the page menu. You must choose an account (this may be a nickname or any word you do not have another choice), and you must provide the following information:

  • Primarily an existing email address,
  • First and last name, it will be the later delivery and billing address,
  • Exact address (street, number, city, postal code) - can send a packet addresses only Hungary
  • Billing names and addresses (Company name, postcode, city, street, house number), if the delivery address other than the bill asks the name - can issue an invoice Hungarian company name ONLY.
  • And the most important - please provide a telephone number on which our support can achieve after your order, in connection with dispatches, sizes, colors, possibly occurring gaps in data matching.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact our customer service either by telephone.

If data have changed after clicking on the ID of the entry, you can also change the data.

3. Buy the Store

The products included in the list of products from the "add to cart" button to purchase the goods can initiate. Once you put them in the basket of products you like, you can continue shopping.

When you finish your purchase, click the cart icon on the right:

The Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart will always appear after goods are put into it, and clicking the right-hand menu small area in the 'basket' button while browsing viewed again at any time. At this point, it is possible to delete a product basket or a basket full to empty content. By clicking the recalculate button, you can update the prices of products to be ordered by you. One can make a purchase an unlimited number of products in the basket number and total value of items in the basket below shows the identifier name with the marking.

You need to send (to give up) the order of the "basket" page. As long as your order will not be processed until you it this side of 'finalization Order' button does not initiate. The order of delivery system, you receive an e-mail. This is an automated e-mail, and even non-customer contact.

The first will ask for confirmation order on the occasion of our staff by telephone to order confirmation whether they can be processed. Later I had e-mail can confirm correct order.

Should you have any questions about ordering OUTPUT (ie. Do not have the required size, we can not ship the product immediately given or assigned colors, etc) using the telephone number of our employees will contact you.

If someone can not be contacted, and the ordering of questions arise, which would require consultation regarding the negotiation of the pending order will be sent.

4. shipping method and time of the products

Our company strives for packaging and postage costs are kept to a minimum. Our company is making use of courier services to deliver the ordered products.

We agree to:

  • The package is delivered within 1-4 weeks after the order. The products are in stock, we can deliver within 2-3 working days.
  • from the order of expensive frames can be 2-3 months lead time! (Individual size, color, etc.).
  • The value of the package on delivery, the package is to be paid upon receipt of the courier. If you are not withheld at the time of delivery to the given address, the courier leaves a message arrival of the consignment, the courier and to attempt to availability of service. The couriers are available at the re-delivery of packages: Package with reference number in the phone number left on the message found. The courier 5 working days custody of the package and once again attempts to delivery. If the package is not taken over, it will be returned to service our store. The package courier is obliged to give you unharmed, but in terms of substantive content DELIVERY not perform. If the package is damaged, please listing your report about the service of his colleagues, otherwise the complaint can not be accepted (ie. The courier service will not be recognized).
  • EStore offers several suppliers' products. The products have a (majority) is always in stock, but a small part in us is only supplied to order. Average case the ordered products the delivery of 2-3 business days, if this is not possible, we will notify our customer service e-mail or call you that we have to wait for one product. In this case, it is possible that the product was omitted from the order and the package will be sent out without this product or to another similar (substitute) Choose a product. We always try to be in the interests of our customers to keep in mind. If only the ways and means it, then the orders are handled quickly and precisely.

In light of the foregoing, the fund does not include service with the weekend of the feast day, the morning after working hours in the late afternoon, in the evening.

The delivery fee is as follows:

During 30.000.-limit order EUR: EUR-2.000.
30,000 - the maximum amount 60.000. HUF: HUF 1.500.
60.000. over-limit HUF: HUF 0, ie totally free delivery.

During 30.000.-limit order EUR: EUR-2.000.
30,000 - the maximum amount 60.000. HUF: HUF 1.500.
60.000. over-limit HUF: HUF 0, ie totally free delivery.

right of withdrawal

If your order was in error, after the release by a message, e-mail or phone 06 20 239 0289 personally denounce down before mailing the package without any consequences. In case of cancellation of the e-mail, a letter of resignation will be accepted as time-mailing date of arrival in our program. If the order could not be completed during the expected your time as you request (color, size, form of the requested products) (eg. Several weeks to wait for the product to arrive), the order also can cancel without consequences.

If we sent you a verbal arrangement is assigned to the package, and you do not pass within 5 working days, the packet is automatically sent back to the delivery company to our address. You may notice that you do not get or can not find the address of the shipper, closed the door, no one is at the given address, etc. In such cases, if you initiate this, the package will send you a postage re-charging. If an address to obtain one or more occasions in the package, as well as using the telephone number / e-mail can not be with the customer to contact, store reserves the right to that name and address will only be allowed in case of advance payment (or pay by check) send package again.

ethically, legally, keeping in mind the purchaser is acting in the eStore services. A customer from the contract in accordance with the government decree 17/1999 may withdraw without justification within 8 working days. costs arising from the return of the goods shall be borne by the customer. damages resulting from improper use of the customer is fully responsible.

5. Warranty, Warranty

We sell products to the Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary and 117/1991. (IX.10.) Government decree are in accordance with defined product categories amount of liability We undertake or assume our suppliers, manufacturers and importers. The potentially different from any warranty, warranty period is displayed next to the product. If the delivered product after the resolution indicates that prove to be defective and the defect arose prior to the receipt of the goods, we provide eight-day replacement product. Any kifogásaikkal please contact customer service.

6. Privacy Policy

Customer data are used exclusively for their own contracts, invoicing and accounting of our documentation. Customer data for transportation and delivery companies are transferred to the carrier (mail, courier service). Transport companies declare the contract confidentiality of the information. The data handling procedure is in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Your data are presented in writing or by e-mail request, modified or deleted (except for those of the invoice data (accounts tőpéldányai), the preservation of which the Accounting Act obliges us).

Our customer service office hours:

Weekdays: 10-20 pm We call centers at the disposal of our customers (telephone number: +36 70 314 5003 e-mail Other times he can get in touch with us.

7. Limitation of Liability

Shopping on the Internet webshop bikeexpress.hu the customer assumes the part of the Internet the possibilities and limits of knowledge and acceptance, particularly with regard to technical performance and resulting errors.

. The BENFAGAMMA Ltd. is not responsible in any way due to set out the points listed below, have taken it into whatever reason:

  • INTERNET is sent and / or received for any damages arising from any data,
  • Any malfunction of the Internet network, which prevents,
  • Ltd. operated by BENFAGAMMA. "bikeexpress.hu" online shop operation, and there in the purchase,
  • any failure of communication used in buying assets,
  • ALL - no matter what form it arrived (paper, electronic, ...) - but especially any data loss,
  • Any software does not work properly,
  • any program error, abnormal event or technical error.

The BENFAGAMMA LTD. Is not responsible for any grounds for any damages, whether they are direct or indirect, which occurred due to "bikeexpress.hu" Internet Connection web store operated by the BENFAGAMMA Kft..

The webshop responsibility of the user to assess how to protect data stored on your computer from intruders.

Solely responsible for the customer in webshop kapcsolódásért there and in the purchase.

The BENFAGAMMA Kft. Shall not be liable for any category can be classified cases of force majeure, or in connection with an event that is not under his control.

The BENFAGAMMA LTD. Is operated by "bikeexpress.hu" free online webstore change any price, period. This change does not affect the prices of the goods already ordered and confirmed. The change occurred in the webshop release date will come into effect. If the confirmed goods we can not deliver the anticipated deadline, so the day before the expiry of the delivery period the customer by phone or e-mail about the delay.

operated by the BENFAGAMMA Kft. "bikeexpress.hu" online shop Purchase conditions Purchase guidelines, terms of payment, conditions of use modified freely.

Any amendment shall enter into force on the date when they can be found online webstore. Any participant who does not agree with the amendment of the rules, you need to leave the shopping.

The BENFAGAMMA Kft. You are free to sue any person who commits or attempts to committing fraud. However, due to BENFAGAMMA Kft. Shall not be held liable for any expense involved in a fraud by a third party.

In the event that a person using the web shop violates the rules any form of BENFAGAMMA Kft. You are free to declare invalid the purchase and remove it from the register. against that decision to the customer, customer is not entitled to appeal.

The online store to purchase Bikeexpress.hu the buyer assumes the part of the Internet the possibilities and limits of knowledge and acceptance, particularly with regard to technical performance and resulting errors.

The webshop is not responsible for the contents of the points listed below, for whatever reason have occurred in any way:

  • On the internet you send and / or receive any data.
  • Any malfunction of the Internet network, which prevents the Bike Express Internet business and the smooth operation of your purchase.
  • Any failure of any reception device lines of communication.
  • Any letter - regardless of whether they received a traditional or electronic means - and especially the loss of any data.
  • Any software does not work properly.
  • Any program error, abnormal event or technical error.
  • The Bike Express Internet business can change at any time, free of any cost or time limit. The change occurred in the Internet business website will take effect the date of publication.
  • EStore at any time free to change the terms, rules and / or his Internet business, without notice and any liability to purchase as to the reasons for its decision.
  • Any amendment shall enter into force on the date when online is available on the website of Bike Express .. Any customer who does not agree with the amendment of the rules will not be entitled to purchase in the future.
  • In the event that the customer violates the rules in whatever form, shop freely declare invalid registration of the purchase and the buyer is not entitled to appeal against the decision.

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