Campagnolo Athena brake relay (Bowden cable pairs)

43 307 Ft‎

Campagnolo Ergo Power ATHENA CONTROLS
Deep Black, Bright Silver, or if you prefer, a carbon finish: three options to customize your bike up. Thanks to the performance features top of the line Power-Shift ™ technology, which allows more of the top (3 gears), and no redemption.

alu / carbon - black aluminum - aluminum silver

comfort and safety of the strong points of Athena controls. Based on double curvature of the brake levers and ergonomic design of the hood manually make these checks is the absolute benchmark in the market.

POWER SHIFT ™ mechanism
Extremely fast and accurate, it allows you to switch to three gears at one time or downshift is just one measure.

It provides a firm grip on the steering wheel and fast, accurate control of the levers. The special ergonomic design allows you to take three different hand positions on the arms as the two traditional ones.

ERGONOMIC handbrake
Lowered position of the fulcrum of the lever - the stress reduces operating brakes - braking modulability more.

VARI Pillow ™ HOOD
Made of non-allergenic elastic material, padded changing that ensures maximum comfort even after many hours on the bike and security. Thanks to a special treatment that is resistant to UV rays and maintains its original color without fading.

Double curvature handbrake
It allows you to engage and modulate the brake safely each hand.

Deposit big hands
Greater safety and convenience for cyclists with large hands.
Mass372 gr.

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