Campagnolo Chorus winch

89 764 Ft‎

Campagnolo CHORUS gear
XPSS ™ (eXtreme Performance Shifting System) is the acronym that represents the most effective and efficient system ever, also under the absolute best load variable speed and precision.
The Chorus ™ carbon fiber gearbox is the ideal partner to compete.

Ultra Torque ™ axle
Pressure forward to the pedals without effciently outage.

NEW sprockets
Sophisticated mechanical properties of the parts that move up and down the chain to guarantee changes in the maximum effciency. The further development of sprockets used by the Pro-Teams in 2014.

chainring on a limited DIFFERENTIAL feet COMBINATION
Constantly optimal engagement of the chain. Maximum switching effciency.

HOLLOW crank arms and spider ULTRA-Hollow ™ technology
Reduced weight stress - free sections, improved crank set weight to rigidity ratio.

DOUBLE BOLT STANDARDIZED circle diameter of each vehicle assembly
With a maximum extension of stiffness and lightness of carbon crank fber near the small chainring 112mm bolt circle diameter of 145 mm and a big one.

INTEGRATED CRANK / chainring fixing system
less weight - easy maintenance.

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