Campagnolo Record brake relay (Bowden cable pairs)

66 929 Ft‎

Each position on the steering wheel, ergonomic Ergo Power ™ controls allow you to participate in the extraordinary speed and accuracy to the rear derailleur and front derailleur.
For maximum performance, while the safety and comfort should not be neglected: every detail has been designed to provide maximum comfort even for long hours on the bike.

Safe handlebar grip in all situations, and faster, more accurate command levers.

NEW VARI ™ pads and handbrake HOODS CHANGING density surfaces
Natural silicone material with differentiated areas follow the finger grip 1 and 2. The grooved areas of runoff water, keeping the brake lever hoods dry and improving grip. Interior weaves to create a uniform thickness, which guarantees maximum comfort.
ULTRA-SHIFT ™ mechanism differentiated MAXIMUM NUMBER OF CLICKS upshift depends on the initial sprocket
The only mechanical groups on the market that allows more variables (up to five sprockets). Fast positioning the combination you want, if there is a sharp increase in the slope or when approaching a bend (up to 4 combinations Fürst chain of four gears, up over 3 fourth chain sprocket combinations).
Handbrake casing hoods and spare parts are available in red and white
Exchange CABLE-screw
It allows the voltage of the AC cable must be aligned perfectly, slashing setup time.

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