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36 785 Ft‎ 48 575 Ft‎

Racing 7 wheels are an entry-level race is ready soul. Fulcrum® same quality and performance as the rest of the line has advanced features such as an oversized rim and spoke dynamic balance technology.

38 207 Ft‎ 43 307 Ft‎

The redesigned to asymmetric Khamsin.Az cheaper entry-level.For those who have not practiced these competitive sport, but you still want to know the feeling of ownership.Dynamic balance, pure color, light and robust.

41 381 Ft‎ 68 591 Ft‎

The proven five-in-class racing bike goes from high to provide higher performance, thanks to the new design.

56 929 Ft‎ 66 929 Ft‎

New, unique 35mm Scirocco wheels.Reactive and easy, with all the benefits. Standard tires, aluminum wheels and braking system.All Terrain recommended to satisfy the amateurs and long distance lovers can make the trip a "competitive" spirit elapse.

58 740 Ft‎ 78 740 Ft‎

35mm is not just any number. Every small detail is the most important new product launch of the 2013 series is painstakingly optimized offers the rider the perfect balance and performance in any situation. The streamlined, lightweight wheel drive, which is ideal for long straights level, but still excellent results upwards.

188 024 Ft‎ 211 024 Ft‎

The Shamal ™ Ultra ™ wheels entirely by hand assembled a technician and electronic instruments to check every detail. This ensures maximum performance and reliability you need to provide.

207 283 Ft‎ 232 283 Ft‎

The Mille Shamal wheel fully assembled manually in a mechanical technician, instrumentation, electronic check every detail. This ensures maximum performance and reliability you need to provide.

220 906 Ft‎ 255 906 Ft‎

297 756 Ft‎ 452 756 Ft‎

Attractive new framework - designed to meet the needs of riders seeking a high-performance bike built with quality materials and is considered to be the ultimate standard design that is synonymous with Colnago. The structure is a unique, new monocoque design - carbon fiber outage.

427 517 Ft‎ 455 517 Ft‎

Elegant shapes, clean lines, harmonizing colors that are coordinated with each other.This is a great bike carbon frame, which is not a typical De Rosa!

684 843 Ft‎ 759 843 Ft‎

The V1 r the new Colnago frame, specially designed for cyclists who are particularly fond of the proportion of the bike weight / performance.

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