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35mm is not just any number. Every small detail is the most important new product launch of the 2013 series is painstakingly optimized offers the rider the perfect balance and performance in any situation. The streamlined, lightweight wheel drive, which is ideal for long straights level, but still excellent results upwards.

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The proven five-in-class racing bike goes from high to provide higher performance, thanks to the new design.

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The Fulcrum® Racing 7 CX is a wheel that is accessible to everyone Fulcrum® the same quality and performance can be found in other lines.

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Extremely light weight, unmatched reliability, performance increases aggressive new graphics and a new oversized flange: the distinctive traits of a class-beating wheel!

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Slice in the air. Let all the power and accelerate all the way to the finish line. against the clock or against your rivals, the Racing Speed XLR the winner is you.

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Tax Reliability between the reference tubeless.Red Metal XRP dedicated to those who have the power in all disciplines of trail riding competition. Each project detail has been developed to combine the precision, quality and reliability. This is a better way to live your passion to go straight to the podium and ride every day to remember. Discipline: cross...

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Simply extraordinary! The bicycle is an extraordinary expectations of fans alu / carbon wheels rewarded! The Red Wind XLR is the highest representative of this category! Thanks to a special aluminum alloy and carbon in the brain oversized rims and special DRSC / küllőanya relationship. The most advanced ceramic bearings made.

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Ready to go! Light power transmission without compromising the lightness, equal to no time.Application Cross country - marathon

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Among the most popular wheel depth triathletes. The head, grip the steering wheel in the aerodynamic position and push on the pedal.

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Mountain climbing was born. And win. No wheel lighter or more agile, designed to confront the toughest ascents and power every turn.

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Fulcrum Red Metal 29 Series bicycles are bigger and stronger spokes aerodynamic lines, differentiated thickness which provides improved performance in dynamic tests. It includes 15mm 20mm aluminum adapter used for both front and rear axles with sealed bearings industrial grade quick-release lever is designed to clear telescopic fork

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Total black: a new look, a new technology, a new way of life on the road.The "Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation" treated surface of the aluminum core will change the soul.

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