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12 441 Ft‎

RECORD Chain CampagnoloArguments of daily testing ground in the chain fitted with advanced Record ™ 11 and Super Record ™ 11 groups.Bike links and pins have been designed to adhere perfectly to gears and sprockets teeth providing maximum flow, reduced friction and improved chain life.

10 079 Ft‎

Campagnolo CHORUS chainFlow, smoothness, and noise reduction: the 5.5mm Chorus ™ chain fully meets the quality and performance standards in the 11-speed groupsets ™.The strength of the treated steel links is absolute, and the Ultra-Link ™ closure system guarantees safety and long life of the chain.

8 661 Ft‎

Preventing energy dispersion is possible. The Veloce ™ chain, power transmission facilities.The HD-Link ™ system protects the user from the risk of non-compliance with the chain lock grip on delicate points.Still pedaling and continuity is achieved by the perfect machining of the link profile.

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