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A fast descent you need a safe and reliable braking system that is powerful and adjustable.The Super Record system guarantees shorter braking distance and complete control of breaking power thanks Skeleton ™ arm design and new brake pads.

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Campagnolo RECORD BRAKESNext is to satisfy all the needs of professional cyclists. That is why Campagnolo® designed two Record ™ brake options.Skeleton geometry made it possible to reduce weight without reducing the braking force, using the same operational security. The differentiated front and rear geometry ensures power and progressiveness.

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The compounds used yield excellent braking performance and a lighter pad holders make replacement quick and easy pad. But that's not all. Campagnolo® offers two options: with its classic front / rear brake differentiation lightness and maximum brake modulation, there is also a dual pivot option available for the rear brake, even stronger and more powerful...

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Campagnolo goal is to professional and amateur cyclists with the best braking system possible, adapted to the driving style. Some people prefer to keep the maximum power available (dual pivot on the front and rear) and those, on the other hand, those who prefer more controlled and modulated braking, the mono instead of the double-pivot rear brake.

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You do not have to be a bicycle expert: with the brakes of the Veloce ™ Groups you have the necessary security at all times. The possibility of orbital brake-pad adjustment makes it possible to obtain the optimum braking torque to all wheels. The forged caliper with double fulcrum design ensures excellent power transfer.

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