Campagnolo Record rear derailleur

62 992 Ft‎

Rear derailleur Campagnolo RECORD
It is the heart and soul of the Record ™ 11s drivetrain! The Record ™ rear derailleur has always evoked races and wins, and today the market for professional athletes certainty during the fast and highly precise switching loads. But you do not have to be a professional to take advantage of the performance characteristics Record 11-speed ™: fun for everyone.

The new form of external components enables the rear derailleur to move, according to a different angle, and the new interior keeps the chain closer to the cartridge to the right transmission, bigger and safer traction, requiring a better chain / sprocket interface and more durable components wear .

EMBRACE ™ Technology
It placed inside a special body gear chainring six rectangular section of the spring, allowing the moving parts of the track that perfectly follows the curve of the gears and the cartridge 11-23, 11-29 and new.

ALUMINIUM rear derailleur mounting bolts
The two-piece system, whilst resistance and rigidity, makes it possible to reduce the weight to 53% than steel and 22% titanium, and extend the life of the component.

Carbon fiber front
Extreme rigidity and lower weight. It increases the accuracy in the back office.

Maximum varying rigidity, fast actuation, precision, friction reduction.

Lower and upper body technopolymer monolithic carbon POR
maximum lightness and yet resistant to impact the elements

Carbon fiber CAGE PLATE
Switch positioning is extremely accurate and extremely easy.

Ceramic ball bearings
Significantly smooth, reduce friction and prolong life and shifting performance.

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