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The proven five-in-class racing bike goes from high to provide higher performance, thanks to the new design.

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35mm is not just any number. Every small detail is the most important new product launch of the 2013 series is painstakingly optimized offers the rider the perfect balance and performance in any situation. The streamlined, lightweight wheel drive, which is ideal for long straights level, but still excellent results upwards.

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New, unique 35mm Scirocco wheels.Reactive and easy, with all the benefits. Standard tires, aluminum wheels and braking system.All Terrain recommended to satisfy the amateurs and long distance lovers can make the trip a "competitive" spirit elapse.

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Campagnolo Veloce Cassette UD 10sMaterial: SteelSpeed Campagnolo 10 speedWeight: approx. 258 gram (12-25 cassette locking ring)It includes a locking ring

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Racing 7 wheels are an entry-level race is ready soul. Fulcrum® same quality and performance as the rest of the line has advanced features such as an oversized rim and spoke dynamic balance technology.

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The successor of the Ergo 2 Carbon in new design and unchanging outstanding technologies - of course handmade in Italy. The ultimate high-end competition shoe by Sidi. Super stiff full Vent Carbon sole for maximum breathability. The upper is a high quality glossy Vernice microfiber. It is breathable and regulates temperature and thanks to its surface...

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Extremely light weight, unmatched reliability, performance increases aggressive new graphics and a new oversized flange: the distinctive traits of a class-beating wheel!

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Designed to be on hand.A thorough study of ergonomics in the hand and a lever made it possible to achieve the level of safety, comfort and speed control far beyond my expectations.A climb or a sprint, your hands will always find the ideal position, without compromise.

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Every sprocket tooth has been designed to achieve the maximum synchronization, shifting speed, and silent operation.The six larger sprockets have a double frame system extreme torsional stiffness, so it will remain under the operational accuracy under varying stress. The surface treatment of the steel eleven sprockets ensures a longer life time, while the...

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Preventing energy dispersion is possible. The Veloce ™ chain, power transmission facilities.The HD-Link ™ system protects the user from the risk of non-compliance with the chain lock grip on delicate points.Still pedaling and continuity is achieved by the perfect machining of the link profile.

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MTB COMPETITION SOLE: carbon fibre reinforced nylon sole with integrated plastic inserts for optimal traction when walking. Replaceable thread inserts in the cleat area. Thread inserts for optional studs. compatible with all common MTB pedal systems.

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Summer Bike gel glovesMaterial: 60% nylon, 30% PU synthetic, 5% polyester and 5% cotton

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